Sunday, May 20, 2007

Perfect Universal Truths

I've not been very good about posting anything lately. We're in the last couple of weeks of the year and I'm feeling behind in everything, so posting has been a low priority. As I get caught up I hope to return to posting at least semi-regularly. In the meantime, a few odds and ends:

  • One of the great aspects of being a math teacher, from the always excellent xkcd.

  • We use a lot of bay leaves when cooking and we seem to have been going through those little bottles of Frontier bay leaves quite quickly. So for some reason we ordered a pound of bay leaves in bulk from our co-op. I'm not sure this was smart. A pound of bay leaves is a lot. Picture a large paper grocery bag filled a third of the way to the top with bay leaves.

  • The hallway outside my office has been painted in bright Easter colors: yellow walls with purple trim. It's a long story....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Miscellaneous Amusements

I've been too busy and frantic to write a real update for a while, and my schedule doesn't look to be getting any better the next week. So, in lieu of a real post, here are some assorted amusements: