Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It has been annoyingly hot the last few days. It's sufficiently annoying that I cannot fully express my annoyance in the 140 character limit imposed by twitter. Thus, rather than tweet about how I'm annoyed by the heat, I will write a short blog post:

The last few days have been annoying hot. There is no need for it to be this warm. I know it gets a lot hotter in other parts of the world. But this isn't about other parts of the world. This is about Maine. And me. And I'm not in the mood for it to be hot. Happily, tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler.

That is all.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pete Tong – the essential selection-sat-08-14-2009

Pete Tong – the essential selection-sat-08-14-2009: "

Pete Tong - the essential selection-sat-08-14-2009

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Experimenting with using Google Reader to post to blogger. I'm not sure I like it so far. Let's see what this looks like. Formatting isn't super.

Anyway, I'm listening to this essential section right now and am enjoying it perhaps a little too much. Lots of excellent tracks. Wow.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


It's been a weird few days. Not necessarily weird in a bad way. But there have been quite a few things that make me go "hmmmmmmm." I've reconnected with some old friends and thought a bunch about transitions. I think I watched a bridge get burned in spectacular fashion. Learned of an old friend who made it though a very difficult medical situation. And of a less old (but older in years) friend who may be facing a difficult medical situation.

The weather has turned drier and a little bit autumn-like. So I've been thinking about the upcoming term and my classes in a more immediate way. Both of my courses I've taught many times before, so there is very little preparation that I need to do in advance. It's mainly a matter of getting myself in the right mindset.

I continue to move along slowly and surely with some writing projects. I've been exercising semi-regularly which has given me more energy and a sore hamstring. A reasonable tradeoff. I have two papers in the queue to referee. Neither look scintillating. One is already overdue, so I should finish my review soon. A few of my tomato plants have tomatoes that are actually turning a little red. The eggplants have barely grown in months.

The summer feels like it's progressing in slow motion. This is good. I will be happy when autumn comes, but I'm also happy for August to linger.