Sunday, August 09, 2009


It's been a weird few days. Not necessarily weird in a bad way. But there have been quite a few things that make me go "hmmmmmmm." I've reconnected with some old friends and thought a bunch about transitions. I think I watched a bridge get burned in spectacular fashion. Learned of an old friend who made it though a very difficult medical situation. And of a less old (but older in years) friend who may be facing a difficult medical situation.

The weather has turned drier and a little bit autumn-like. So I've been thinking about the upcoming term and my classes in a more immediate way. Both of my courses I've taught many times before, so there is very little preparation that I need to do in advance. It's mainly a matter of getting myself in the right mindset.

I continue to move along slowly and surely with some writing projects. I've been exercising semi-regularly which has given me more energy and a sore hamstring. A reasonable tradeoff. I have two papers in the queue to referee. Neither look scintillating. One is already overdue, so I should finish my review soon. A few of my tomato plants have tomatoes that are actually turning a little red. The eggplants have barely grown in months.

The summer feels like it's progressing in slow motion. This is good. I will be happy when autumn comes, but I'm also happy for August to linger.

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