Sunday, April 01, 2007

Various Signs of Spring

A few signs of spring, and other thoughts:

  • I have finished my grades from Winter term. My narrative evaluations are done, although I still need to proofread them. I'll do this in the morning.

  • I saw at least a dozen robins on campus today.

  • For the first time today I saw juncos underneath our bird feeder at home. Also this week, goldfinches and sparrows have arrived.

  • It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Not much, though -- only an inch or so, along with some rain. My guess is it'll just be dreary and sleety for a bit. The last few days have been beautiful and sunny, so a little bit of sleet isn't that big a deal.

  • It's only the second week of Spring term, and I'm more exhausted than I want to be. I hope
    week two is easier than week one.

  • I proofread a colleague's grant proposal today. It was fun. I kinda like proofreading and copy-editing, especially when it's not my writing.

  • I dealt with 104 email messages today.

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