Monday, June 04, 2007

The Term Ends

The term is finally over and I'm currently in Montreal. Graduation was Saturday, and Doreen and I drove here yesterday. She has three days of meetings, so I have three days of hanging out.

I'm currently at Cafe Pi grading calculus problem sets. I've got a huge pile of physics and calculus grading to do, and then many narrative evaluations to write. When I return, I need to do battle one final time with the soul-crushing document. And then I'll finally be more or less free from this academic year. I'll have a few short reports to write, but that will be it.

The end of the term has been busy, and I've been mentally and physically fatigued. It's possible now that the year is over I'll return to semi-regular posting.

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Andrew, Meg + the Mominator said...

Congratulations on another year passed! Thanks for the blessing via the blogosphere -- figured you of all people would know when someone had linked to your blog. Will be in touch via regular e-mail, but hope you and Doreen are having now having fun in Canadia.