Saturday, September 15, 2007

Career Choices

Inspired by New Kid on the Hallway, I took a career quiz on Below are the forty careers that are supposedly best suited to my interests and likes.

Too bad that Professor is the 39th best career for me. And what's Horse Trainer doing at #5? Perhaps horse training is similar to academic administration? I also don't think I'd make a very good Butcher (#29), as I haven't eaten meat for 19 years.

  1. Food Scientist
  2. Hydrologist / Hydrogeologist
  3. Agronomist
  4. Computer Trainer
  5. Horse Trainer
  6. Personal Trainer
  7. Cook
  8. Oceanographer
  9. Mathematician
  10. Pharmacologist
  11. Actuary
  12. Database Developer
  13. Pharmacy Technician
  14. Web Developer
  15. Pharmacist
  16. Foreign Language Instructor
  17. ESL Teacher
  18. Music Teacher / Instructor
  19. Meteorologist
  20. Computer Programmer
  21. Business Systems Analyst
  22. Special Education Teacher
  23. Physical Education Teacher
  24. Medical Lab Tech
  25. Geologist
  26. Video Game Developer
  27. Forensics Specialist
  28. Elementary School Teacher
  29. Butcher
  30. High School Teacher
  31. Teacher Assistant
  32. School Counselor
  33. Microbiologist
  34. Environmental Consultant
  35. Paleontologist
  36. Early Childhood Educator
  37. Diving Instructor
  38. Career Counselor
  39. Professor
  40. Nanny


Jessica said...

I could use something like that assessment, but the password didn't work anymore! I guess that's what happens when you put something online... Not that it seems too accurate!

Andrew Campbell said...

He's not a math professor, he's a butcher! Nice to see you're already procrastinating on those 4.27 gajillion e-mails. Hope the weather's nice.

best from here

Anonymous said...

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