Monday, May 12, 2008

Les Chats sans Frontiers


The big news is that on Saturday we got two new kittens! A picture of them is above, and many more pictures can be found here. We got them from an SPCA in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, which is right across the border from Calais, Maine. The New Brunswick SPCA was the first one that had kittens available, so we made the drive. We picked the kittens out a few weeks ago, and I drove and got them Saturday after they were spayed/neutered.

So far they seem to be adjusting to their new home quite well. They seem quite at ease. They play, wrestle with each other, eat, and sleep. We haven't introduced Monster (our big, older cat) to them yet; the kittens have been confined to my office. But Monster can tell that there's something moving around in the office, and she seems surprisingly calm. So I think things bode well.

The shelter got an entire litter of kittens and gave them all names starting with "A". The little gray girl is called Apple, and I think we'll end up keeping that name. The orange guy was called "Archibald", which will definitely go. But so far I haven't come up with anything better than Orange Guy. Suggestions are welcome. But I don't think we'll call him simply "Orange." This seems too obvious.


Andrew Campbell said...

Congratulations on the new additions to the family. Seeing as they're Canadian, maybe you should just call him 'A' (or 'eh')?


Jessica B said...

Awww!!! What cuties! Let me know how cat-introductions go, because I'll be doing the same thing in August (moving myself & my 2 cats in a house with a kitten, then another girl is moving in with her old cat! Crazy!) I'm not good with names, but I bet once you get to know his personality, it'll come to you.