Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Icy Thursday

A scattered update. No motivation for paragraphs:
  • There's an interesting ice/sleet/rain storm going on. I just wandered outside and noted that my car is completely encased in 1/8 inch of ice. Maine: the way life should be, only icier.
  • Why is it that my "break" thus far as seemed busier than the term?
  • Possibly it's because I have 47 narrative evaluations to write.
  • Happily, I'm done with (drafts of) all but three evals.
  • But to write the next eval I need to look at some assignments, which would require getting up, which would disturb the cat that is sound asleep on my lap.
  • "Area" on my satellite radio is playing a fantastic selection of trance tonight. Perfect for an icy night of coffee and grading. Music like this makes me never want to sleep again.
  • The sleeping cat just stood up, rotated 180 degrees (Pi radians) and went back to sleep on my lap.
  • Started a letter of recommendation that I need to finish in the next few days.
  • The fire is dying and it's getting cold, so the sleeping cat will need to be moved. I think she'll get over it.

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