Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random Bullets of Stuff

Minimally motivated to post a blog update, but not motivated to write paragraphs. So, random bullets:
  • I did a fair amount of grading this weekend, but I should have done more.
  • All three of our cats have had colds. Apple and Monster are mostly over theirs. Ancho is still in the midst of his. His sneezes are quite impressive.
  • For some reason my eyes are goopy and very itchy right now. It's pretty annoying. I hope I don't have the cats' cold.
  • Today was a mini-thaw. It got up to 42 degrees, and it almost smelled like spring for a little bit. Lots of slush.
  • The birds at our feeder must have smelled spring, too, since they were chirping much more than usual.
  • But now the slush has frozen and there are many slippery, icy spots on roads and sidewalks.
  • The extra light in the afternoon is very noticable. Spring is still months away, but at least it's getting light later.
  • The moonrise this evening was amazing.
  • I'm drinking a Fin du Monde. Delicious. A nice change from Dogfish Head.
  • We've eaten well this weekend. On Saturday I made a tasty spinach salad and a pasta dish with roasted onions and chard. Today Doreen made a slightly weird but excellent minestrone-like thing.
  • I'm not quite ready for the week. Hard to believe we're at the half-way point of the term.

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