Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Vignettes

A few scenes and reflections from the last week:

  • At the grocery store in town there are now small editions of the "For Dummies" guide for sale in the check out aisles. The guides are displayed next to the other periodicals and puzzle books and astrology listings. These "dummies" guides are about the size of TV Guide and are printed on what appears to be fairly low quality paper. In my aisle there was a large stack of dummies guides, but not much selection. The only titles they had are "The Bible for Dummies" and "Dogs for Dummies."

  • Last week was unusually warm. Thursday night driving home around 9pm it was above 60 degrees. Friday it was warm enough for me to wear shorts. Two friends of mine have heard spring peepers at night. The peepers probably aren't too happy now, however, as it's 28 outside. I hope that only a few of the peepers hatched last week. If they all did, they'll probably all freeze and then there won't be any in the spring, which would be sad.

  • Friday evening I found a live slug in my kitchen sink. This is very odd, as I hadn't been washing any produce. So it's a mystery as to how it got in the kitchen. I'm convinced that Doreen has something to do with it, but she denies everything.

  • Yesterday I dropped Doreen off at the airport. I stayed in the gate area with her until she had to go through security. While waiting, I noticed a large man who was wearing a bandana/hat sort of thing. Printed on his headgear was the phrase "It's the American Way," and accompanying this phrase was the silhouette of a woman on her hands and knees. The bandana was black, the lettering was white, and the woman's silhouette was colored in with red and blue stars and stripes.

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Jordan Maze said...

Mr. Feldman,
This is completely random, but I was on the COA website looking around and found your blog. I'm a high school senior looking at schools right now and I noticed that you attended Carleton, which is another school I'm interested in. I was wondering, if you have time, if you could fill me in on anything I should know about COA or Carleton and how they compare? Is Bar Harbor cool? I actually just found out about COA this afternoon, haha, but it looks amazing and I'm really excited about it for some reason. If you have enough time, any general input would be much appreciated, but I understand why you might be kinda freaked out by a request like this.

(I've never really used blogger, so I guess posting a comment onto your own blog is the only way to respond? My email address is