Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lost Trash Can

Last week our garbage can blew away. We put it out by the road in the morning on Thursday and that evening all we could find was the lid. The can itself was gone. I assume that it got captured by the wind. Our garbage can is hard plastic, and there's lots of ice around, so it would glide quite nicely. Our trash can has gone on wind-born journeys before, but I've always been able to find it. Yesterday I wandered around looking for it. Alas, it could not be found. So we declared it lost. I thought that maybe we should just wait and see if any garbage cans from our down-wind neighbors appeared in our yard. But this didn't seem practical. So I went ahead and got a new garbage can. The new can is large and green and plastic. Annoyingly, the only lids that the store had were beige. Seems like the lid ought to match the can. Oh well.

Not much else in the way of news. The term is progressing well. It's been cold, but not horribly so. The ice has been good, and there have been some fun hockey games at the "rink" downtown. Week seven (of ten) starts tomorrow. As usual, I feel behind, but I did a good amount of work this weekend so I feel slightly less behind than usual.

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