Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

Today there was a messy snowstorm and school was cancelled. Initially the plan was to open and then close early. So Doreen and I were preparing to head in. But it appeared to be snowing harder and harder. Minutes before we were going to leave I called in once more, and heard a new recorded message: campus was indeed closed for the day.

The storm started off as snow. We got around six inches, and then it changed to sleet and ice pellets. Doreen and I went for a walk, but we didn't stay out long, because it was very windy, and having wind-driven ice pellets bounce off your face doesn't feel that good. After a little while we retreated inside and had hot chocolate. A little while ago it sounded like the precipitation turned over into rain. It's very slushy out right now. Later tonight it's supposed to turn back into snow, and then get pretty cold. I suspect that digging my car out and de-icing tomorrow morning will be an adventure.

I spent the day relaxing some and also catching up on work. I finally completed a long-overdue NSF proposal review. I don't know why it had taken me so long to complete. I read it months ago and figured out what I wanted to say. But it was a task that didn't have an absolute deadline. So it was always easy to put it off for another few days.

I also took some pictures. Below is a picture of a bird at one of our feeders. I think it's a goldfinch. This feeder is right next to our kitchen window, so I can watch it while doing dishes.

Here is a picture of Monster, the larger of our two cats. After going bonkers for around ten minutes in the mid-morning and sprinting around the house, she spent most of the morning downstairs, alternating between sitting on the couch, as shown in this picture, and lounging right in front of the fire. Occasionally she'd get up to eat, and once she jumped into the sink in the bathroom to drink some water while I was washing my hands.

And below is a picture of Weasel, the smaller and more elusive of our two cats. Like Monster, she spent most of the day near the woodstove. She did spend some time prancing around meowing at us.

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