Sunday, October 21, 2007

About Trees

A note to the person who was driving in front of me yesterday on Eagle Lake Road. Yes, the trees are beautiful right now. But if you see a tree that is especially you colorful you don't have to brake suddenly. Because here's the thing about trees: they don't move. What this means is that you can slow down gradually and pull over to the side. Then you can get out of your car and walk back to the tree, or turn around and drive back, or put the car in reverse and go back to the tree. The tree will still be there; it's not going to run away.

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Andrew Campbell said...

oh, Dave! I think deep-down you're missing all the rubber-necking that happens on Sunday afternoons in the fall as folks try to pile back into NYC... heaven help if there's a deer, or an accident, or a State trooper pulling someone over. It's like Homer Simpson's forbidden donut... too good to pass up no matter how bad it might be for you.

Nice to know the leaf-peepers have made it up north.