Sunday, October 07, 2007

Miscellaneous Updates

A few tidbits from the week and the weekend:
  1. The soul-crushers, also known as the NEASC review team, spent around two and a half days on campus last week. I think the visit went pretty well. The preliminary report was mostly very positive, and the areas of potential weakness were pretty much the ones that we had anticipated. I was quite impressed with the review team; they gathered a lot of information quite quickly, and seemed to be quite sharp.

  2. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were quite warm. It was almost summer-like. Today, however, it felt like fall. Not cold, but a little crisp. It was sunny and breezy and beautiful. When I arrived on campus mid-afternoon there were two large V's of geese flying south flying very high above the college. Their honks sounded very cool.

  3. Doreen returned today from a week in Quebec. She brought back some yummy biotechnology: Quebecois beer, yogurt, bread, and cheese.

  4. I planted around 150 bulbs today. Hopefully they'll survive the winter and we'll have a flowery spring.

  5. In addition to doing a lot of work around the house, I finished a batch of Physics grading and completed a review of an NSF grant.

  6. It's starting to get chilly at night. Soon it will be time for the first fire of the season.

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