Monday, November 19, 2007


It's been a productive, if frantic, day:

  1. Dropped Doreen off at the Bar Harbor airport. Her yogurt didn't make it through security, but other than that her departure was uneventful.

  2. Got my snow tires up on, an oil change, and a yearly state inspection. The car needed some work (brakes and a light somewhere), so I got that done today, too.

  3. While waiting for my car I graded my physics finals and half of the last problem set.

  4. Drove onto campus.

  5. Sent rejection letters to some of the candidates in the search that I'm chairing.

  6. Contacted the three finalists for the position and started scheduling their visits.

  7. Contacted a handful of other candidates that we phone interviewed but who we probably won't be inviting to campus.

  8. Finished grading the last physics assignment and assigned final grades.

  9. Bought a plane ticket for my upcoming trip to Chile.

  10. Reserved a rental car for my week in Santa Fe.

  11. Dealt with over 100 emails.

I realize that this probably makes incredibly boring reading. But it's exciting to me. Time to head home and turn my attention to some domestic tasks: laundry, dishes, and packing.

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