Sunday, April 27, 2008


I did a bunch of organizing of digital pictures today and I came across the picture shown above. I took it last summer in Paris. I was there giving some lectures during the week, and on Saturday I spent a long day wandering around the city. It was slightly cool and the sky was fantastic. It was cold for the Parisians, but it was perfect for me. After a month in hot and polluted Beijing, an unusally cool Paris day was great. I took a lot of pictures of statues that day, trying to get more of the sky than the statue in the frame.

The sky today was kinda like it was that day in Paris. Although after that, the similarities end. No museums or cathedrals or great food today. But I did go for a run outside under the grey sky. The run was very slow, but still somewhat satisfying. I also planted some sweet peas, did laundry and dishes, and did some things around the yard. It rained a little this evening, and it was somewhat cool so I built a fire. Flowers are slowly blooming in our yard. It looks like spring is really here.

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Andrew Campbell said...

Nice pic, Dave. I was getting a little nervous that there'd been some significant campus beautification efforts in the lasts few months.

Hopefully all the crappy weather we have right now isn't on its way up to you.