Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Scent Update

In the unlikely event you were wondering... I have been informed that the grim smell of last week was actually due to a decaying deer head, not a decaying raccoon.

In other scent news: the air smelled like spring today and I thought I smelled something like flowers outside.


Anonymous said...

I had limited awareness of my actual interest in this story because even though I haven't been conscious of thinking about it, I find myself very interested in the update. Huh. Somebody out there must be studying the implications of not just ambiant smells but the subtler realms of thinking about someone else's experience of smells.

Andrew Campbell said...

Phew, Dave.. for a second, I thought you had found my secret stash of deceased squirrels.

Nice to smell that Turrets is as well-ventilated as ever.