Monday, August 04, 2008


I'm back in the U.S. and back in Maine. Last Tuesday I returned to Maine from Beijing. Due to a long delay in Newark, the total door-to-door time for the journey was around thirty hours. But I made it. After two somehwat jetlagged days at home, I drove to Portland on Friday where I met Doreen, who had flown into Boston that morning from Amsterdam. Then on Saturday we were joined by my brother, sister-in-law, and young nephew. It was very fun to see them, and it was actually the first time that Doreen met her nephew. We drove back Sunday.

It is now Monday morning, and I'm thrilled that I've essentially got three weeks of continuous home time. I have lots of work stuff that I want to do, as well as some organizational projects at home and the office. And I'm looking forward to doing some cooking and getting some exercise.

As an experiment, I'm going to try and blog daily for the next three weeks. I've been having mixed feelings about whether or not I should continue this blog. I've not posted much of late, so maybe forcing myself to post more will reinvigorate things. Or, it will make it clear that I need a blogging hiatus.


shiva said...

sparse as the posts may be, you have at least one dedicated reader that appreciates each one you do publish. you provide a really great little evocation of missed MDI/COA life, and your travels are always interesting to read about.

i look forward to your attempt at daily posting (i think! ;) and hope it leads to at least a return to the previous rate of blogging, rather than a hiatus. but sabbaticals are good and typically well-deserved, so do what you gotta do.

hope you and Doreen and the other creatures of your household have a super enjoyable rest of your summer.

Caracal said...

I'll second that! I always enjoy reading your posts.