Saturday, September 05, 2009

I hope they don't find me and shoot me

I just got a call from the NRA. The woman explained that they were conducting a one-question opinion poll about the UN plans to ban guns in the U.S. She was about to play me a recorded statement by some NRA guy but I interrupted and asked the caller to explain what these UN plans were. She said that it was due to Mexico, which is a country that blames the US for their (Mexico's) drug problems. Apparently Mexico is chairing some commission or something.

I asked the caller what jurisdiction the UN had over the laws of a sovereign nation like the U.S. There was a pause. Then the caller said that the anti-gun secretary of state Hillary Clinton agreed to meet with Mexico. I commented that the secretary of state had nothing to do with lawmaking since she was part of the executive branch and that it was the legislative branch, Congress, that makes laws.

There was a long silence. The caller stammered a little. I added that this was simply a fact. Congress makes gun laws, not the secretary of state. At this point the caller thanked me for taking time to talk to her and ended the conversation.

The conversation was actually kind of fun. I was surprised at how easy it was to totally flummox the NRA caller. And I was a little disappointed that the called ended so quickly.

But at another level the call was pretty scary. The caller evoked a classic trio of conspiracies/paranoia: the UN is taking over; they-want-to-take-our-guns; Hillary Clinton. Yikes. At least there was no mention of black helicopters.

I wonder how I got on the NRA's list? I suspect they won't be calling back.

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Amy said...

Wow! That is so scary! Seriously, it does not take much to start these rumors that get everyone jumping to ridiculous conclusions. Way to think on your feet and get her to hang up. If only more people could think like that...