Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Tomorrow I teach a class for the first time since March 13. It's been a long time away from the classroom for me. Will be good to get back. Physics I tomorrow and then Calculus III on Friday. Both classes I think will be pretty fun. I've taught them each before quite a few times so I think I know what to expect.

I went into town late afternoon to run a few errands. Parking was surpisingly difficult to find. At the supermarket it seemed like every other person was talking on her or his cell phone. One woman by the yogurt case sounded as if she was talking to a doctor. "It hurts when I turn to the left" I heard her repeat a couple of times as I walked past her. After the supermarket, while walking to the pharmacy I saw a mail carrier with a fairly gory depicion of a crucified Jesus tattooed on his calf.

Tonight Doreen and I went to the top of Cadillac to watch an unusually bright encounter with two human-made satellites: the international space station and the space shuttle. I thought it was pretty cool. They zipped by one after the other and were quite bright—about as bright as venus. The non-human-made stars were impressive, too.

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