Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Secret Memo

If you are using the photocopier and it stops and tells you to load paper into a tray, do as the machine suggests. Don't just walk away. Because when you do this, your copying job doesn't get deleted. It stays in the machine's brain. This is true even if you log out of your account. Then when someone like me comes along who is willing to put paper in the copier, your job automatically gets completed. If, say, you were photocopying documents that you wanted to be confidential, well, they're not confidential any more, since they are streaming out of the machine and it is hard for me not to notice them.


Jessica Bradshaw said...

Uh oh... That's not good! Puts you in a really awkward position, too. What did you do?

Anonymous said...

see anything interesting?

dave said...

The documents weren't that interesting. I just put them in the person's mailbox.