Sunday, January 08, 2006

Disturbing Wrapping Paper

So, I'm at my Mom's, and I just wrapped some Christmas presents. She has some really strange wrapping paper. The basic motif is a collection of round white and red swirled circular peppermint hard candy things. There are also white and green swirled candy things. Some of the peppermints are adorned with smiley faces licking their lips. The peppermints look quite psychedelic. The background is green. Also printed on the background at regular intervals is "Sweet & Sticky!" (Yes, with the exclamation point.)

Yikes. Yikes. Yikes. The entire effect is disturbing. It looks like it could form the basis of a psy-trance/hard house rave flyer. I've never done acid, but the paper sure looks like it was inspired by a bad trip. The smiley faces look quite maniacal. I could easily imagine that they would scare small children. And my Mom's got a lot of this stuff -- we'll be seeing it for years.

Anyway, I made sure to wrap my brother's present in the disturbing paper.

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