Thursday, February 09, 2006

Statistics Invasion

My office here in the Mathematical Sciences Building was just invaded by statisticians. (My office is large with a number of cubicles and a big table in the middle and a nice whiteboard.) Five students and a professor just walked in and started doing a stats problem. The prof is at the board helping students with a homework problem. It's quite bizarre. It looks like a reasonably advanced stats class. One of the students just corrected a small error that the prof made. The prof seems like a very nice guy, even if he does think that he can commandeer my office in the name of statistics. Does he not have a blackboard in his office that he can use? Isn't there a blackboard in the hall? This is a Mathematical Sciences building -- there ought to be blackboards and whiteboards everywhere.

Maybe this is what we get for keeping our office door open on a floor that is shared with the statistics department.

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