Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dumb Monday

Monday seemed to be a day for dumbness. I spent a good part of the afternoon doing some work with Mathematica, a computer algebra program. I hadn't worked with mathematica for around 8 years. It took me quite some time to re-figure out some "code" that I had written before, and I spent far too long wrestling with some really clumsy output functions. I wanted to repeat and extend some calculations that I did in my dissertation. So I printed out the relevant pages and read them over, and within one minute noticed two typos. They weren't substantial. But still. Arg.

Then, I thought I had finished all the runs necessary for the data for a plot for a paper that I'm trying to finish up this week. So I thought I'd make some nice-looking plots. But when I made the plot it had a huge gap in it; I hadn't actually done all the runs I needed. So I set a bunch more jobs running. It'll take less than half a day to run, so it's not a big deal.

And then, after dinner I bought a 2CD set at a used CD place. When I returned to my office and opened it, I discovered that there was only one CD in it. Arg. I will return it today.

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