Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I was at the grocery store today standing in line. The person in front of me had a few items. The cashier rang them up and told him the total. The man then seemed surprised. He fumbles around and very slowly reaches for his wallet. Eventually he takes out a debit card and pays.

I know this is unkind and impatient, but why not start reaching for your wallet or money before the cashier is done ringing you up? It's not as if it's suddenly going to be free so you won't need to pay. You've been to the store before, right? So you should know how this works by now. Don't look stunned when it's time to get out some money. Well, it's ok if you look stunned. I really don't care. But don't take forever. I've got things to do and I'd rather not wait while you move in slow motion trying to find what pocket your wallet is in.

A similar frustration occurs when someone in front of me is paying in cash. Then the total comes to, say, $15.07. A good time to pay with that crisp twenty dollar bill that you got from the ATM, right? Wrong. All of a sudden time stops while I watch the person in front of me look in every compartment in her bag/purse/sachel trying to find seven cents so she avoids the indignity of being handed $4.93. Again, why not have your change handy? Or, why not just take the 93 cents? It won't kill you.


Anonymous said...

Time for decaf. Dave?

jessica said...

I agree! It's annoying for the cashier, too. I have this one customer who comes in to buy a cookie (for $1.50) every few days, and she HAS to use up all her change, apparently. And we're talking pennies here! Sheesh! Then there are those who have the change ready, but then go "oh, let's get rid of some of these pennies here." Let's not, ok? That's one reason I like those self-checkout lanes at the grocery store (if/when they work).

a said...

Or, even zanier, START WRITING THE CHECK! instead of waiting for the total finding the checkbook, etc, And god forbid they MOVE ON before entering the amount carefully in the checkbook register.
Dave doesn't need decaf, he needs a TASER.

Anonymous said...

I see other people besides Dave woke up on the wrong side of the blog. Why are we so impatient? Where do we really need to be that is so important that we can't wait in the check out line an extra minute? Perhaps throw a smile at Jessica and genuinely ask how her day was. And please, for everyone's sake, keep the tasers away from Andy.


a said...

Oh, OK, no tasers. But really, does it hurt to be a bit more aware of fellow shoppers? It's more an issue of courtesy than time.