Sunday, March 05, 2006

Back in Maine

I've returned to Maine, and I'm very glad to be back. I'm always a little bit sad to leave Santa Fe, as it's such an ideal work environment. But it's great to be back home, even if it's colder than I want it to be. I went for a run yesterday, and a short hike today. But were good, but chillier than Santa Fe.

For dinner today I cooked some kidney beans with an Indian spice blend that I bought at an Indian grocery store when I was in Berkeley. Tasty and pleasantly spicy. Yesterday I made pasta with a portobello mushroom sauce and a wilted spinach salad. Yummy. I like traveling, but when on the road I miss being able to cook.

For reasons I don't understand, I've had the Police song, "Message in a bottle", playing in my head much of the evening. It's recently been replaced with Prince's "Raspberry Beret."


Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense to see Dave rockin' out to the Police. But the mental image of Dave boppin' to Prince and the Revolution nearly threw me off my chair :)

Next thing you know he will confess to knowing the entire lyrics of 'Darlin' Nicky.'


Dave said...

Actually, I listen to Prince a lot, and I almost never listen to the Police. I don't know the all the lyrics to "Darlin Nicky." But the lyrics are secondary. What matters most is Prince's high-toned grunts.