Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Spring" in Maine in March

By many standards, March isn't really a spring month in Maine. Although not as cold as January and February, March is still cold. And there aren't really flowers and it's at least a month until leaves start to appear on trees. But nevertheless, there are signs of spring.
  1. Our cats are spending more time sleeping on the bed or in a sunbeam by a window, and less time in front of the woodstove.

  2. Monster, the larger of our two cats, is spending more time sleeping by my feet, and less time sleeping tucked up next to my head.

  3. There were robins on campus today. They looked wet and cold, but they were there.

  4. I was driving home the other day around 6:30 and there was still a little bit of twilight in the sky.

  5. There's a rumor that crocuses are poking in a certain lawn downtown. The crocuses are considered rumor-worthy says a lot.

Spring is a long, gradual unfolding and it looks like the unfolding has begun.

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