Sunday, March 04, 2007

Back in Maine

Well, I made it back to Maine. My journey on Tuesday was long, but mostly uneventful. I made it home around 9:45 pm, in plenty of time to watch The Daily Show with Doreen. It was nice to be back.

Wednesday was a crazy day of back to back meetings. Things went well, but the meeting density was definitely too high. Thursday was slightly calmer. I had way too many things to do, but at least I didn't have my entire day scheduled with meetings. I taught a class on pointers in C++ which was fun. I like pointers.

Friday, we had a snow day. Or, more accurately, a snow/ice/sleet/rain/wind day. It starting snowing early in the morning, and we had gotten seven inches or so by midafternoon and it was quite windy. Then it changed to sleet. At times it sounded like sand was pelting our house. It turned into rain shortly before it ended. The result is a lot of heavy snow and slush. Getting my car out of the driveway yesterday was a bit of an ordeal. And we still haven't extracted Doreen's car. That'll be a task for this afternoon.

So last week was a bit odd, as weather prevented me from being on campus three out of five days. Somehow I don't feel as far behind as I'd expect. I'm not sure why this is. It might just be denial. This upcoming week is the last of our ten-week winter term. I spent a lot of time this weekend doing errands and cleaning around the house. I usually do this right after the term ends, not the week before. But perhaps by doing this now, I'm poised to have a more energetic and productive spring break.

It's time to move some firewood and see if I can dig out Doreen's car. Then I will head to campus and write lots of memos.


Anonymous said...

Have you been to the art gallery out beyond Taos, over the gorge, past the earthships that's an old schoolhouse painted extremely pink? It is at a 4 corners whose name escapes me: there is a gas station and a tiny diner that had very decent enchiladas and a gaping hole in the bathroom floor. The guy that lives there was a monk in Mexico many years ago but cast off his black robes for art and social commentary. Extraordinary place.

Dave said...

I've never been there, but it sounds quite interesting. Does the art gallery have a name or a web presence? If I have some time next time I'm in Santa Fe, I might try and check it out. I haven't been to Taos in a while, and it would be fun to go.

Anonymous said...

I remembered that the name of the crossroads is Tres Piedras. Try these: and The latter has some nice photos of the gallery but doesn't begin to convey the feel of the place. It is extremely beautiful, surreal, and creepy in a strangely irresistable way. And if you do end up visiting Taos again and if you happen to have a soft spot for enchiladas like I do, you must try to get to Ortega's restaurant. Whoa!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I woke up this morning and realized I goofed, so I did a little research, emailed a friend in Taos, and am now prepared to redeem myself: it isn't Ortega's it's Roberto's. To the best of my knowledge I didn't lead you astray on any other way. I just applied for my passport today; perhaps Amster, Amster, dam, dam, dam will be on my itinerary some day. I'll look forward to fine felafel (though it's hard to beat the cheap ones on MacDougall St.).