Friday, March 16, 2007

Further Amsterdam Dispatches

The last two days I've been wandering around Amsterdam, taking in the sights and the sounds. I've also done some reading and a bunch of email. I've had some excellent Thai food, and today I found a great falafel place. Last night's dinner was a little uninspiring. We were eating with some greenpeace folks, who picked out the restaurant. Most thought it was very, very good. I thought the food was kinda bland and not that interesting. It was a serve-yourself buffet sort of arrangement. The food was fine, but it was more like eating a bunch of snacks. It would have been fine if an entree followed. But instead it was just snacks. And then the greenpeace folks got in a big discussion about genetically modified potato strategies. It was fascinating to them, but I didn't really know what they were talking about.

I spent a bunch of time in bookstores today, of which there are quite a few in the neighborhoods I've been walking. I also checked out a bunch of CD stores. Happily, I did not talk to any racist DJ/shopkeepers. I did, however, stumble across some excellent music. There was this awesome track that was being played in two CD stores that I went into. So I asked about it. Turns out that it's lcd soundsystem. They're from New York, but I hadn't heard of them before.

The track that is now a minor anthem for me is get innocuous. If the Talking Heads and the Chemical Brothers collaborated, this is what it would sound like. You can read about the track here. And with a little googling, you should be able to find an mp3.

I'm off to meet Doreen for dinner. LCD Soundsystem will be keeping me company in my headphones.

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