Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tomorrow I leave for a two-week trip to Chile. I've spent the last day or so pretty frantically trying to finish up all sorts of things before I leave. I've had mixed success. While I have gotten a lot of things done, there are some other projects that I really had hoped to make more progress on. As is often the case, lots of little important things get in the way of larger, longer-term things.

Anyway, it's 11 degrees outside right now. And tomorrow we're supposed to get nailed with a big storm. Much snow and wind, with some ice and a little bit of rain, too. I think I can make it out of Maine before it gets too bad. My flight is out of Boston, and I'll drive to Bangor and take the bus. But to try and beat the storm I'm going to take the earliest bus of the day, which is 7:15 am. Ug. If I can make it to Boston I think I'll be ok, since it seems like the storm is going to be mostly rain there. But it's hard to tell. I think a lot of coastal New England will be right on the edge between rain and snow.

I suspect I'll sleep very little tonight, as I still have a lot of packing to do. This isn't that big a deal, since I'll have lots of time to sleep during my journey.

I'm looking forward to the trip a lot. I think we'll see some really cool things. The centerpiece of the trip is doing a trek in the Torres del Paine park in Patagonia. If I can get online during our travels I'll post some pictures.

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Human macroecology admin said...

Hey Dave,
Have a great time in Chili. I'm envious of course. What a great way to spend the holidays. I hope the weather didn't bog you down.
Thanks for commenting on our blog - anything to help advertise the school. Impressive that you found the posting so quick!
best wishes,
(aka, human macroecology admin).