Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've made it to Santiago. Getting to Boston was a snowy adventure. I'm kinda amazed that the bus made the Portland to Boston leg. The snow looks thick and slipper and there were many cars that had slid off the road. But once I made it to Logan the trip was fairly smooth. My flight was delayed somewhat out of Boston, so I had a very tight connection in Miami, but I made it.

Santiago has been nice so far. In some ways it reminds me of Mexico City, in some ways of New York. We've explored some and had some pretty good food. We're currently in Abarzua, a nice cafe-bar near our hotel. They have good coffee and free wireless.

Tomorrow we fly south to Punta Arenas. We'll spend two nights there. In between there's a cruise out to a penguin colony. Should be very cool.

Time to finish coffee and head out in search of dinner.

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