Sunday, January 20, 2008


Yesterday I was at the little gym/exercise room in Northeast Harbor working out on the elliptical trainer. I usually listen to some energetic music (almost always Armin van Buuren) and put something on the TV that I glance at while I listen to Armin. Most of the time this is a baseball or hockey game or something. But no sports were on last night, so I was channel flipping. I was about eight minutes into a thirty-minute workout when I saw that Beauty and the Geek was on.

There is not enough space or time to write about all of the things that are horrifying about this show. But I was curious, since I hadn't seen it before. I had heard a bunch about it however, in part because I know Aaron, one of the "geeks" who was on the show. Unfortunately, it was an episode that Aaron wasn't on. So I went to change the channel. And then I dropped the remote. Oops. The machine I was on was too high off the ground for me to pick up the remote. And if I got off the machine it would reset. So, I was stuck watching Beauty and the Geek for the rest of my workout. It was hard to tell what was happening. At one point it appeared that a bunch of the "beauties" -- all somewhat underdressed -- were debating where Iowa was on a U.S. map.

I survived watching the show and I think I only lost a few IQ points. Then, when driving home I was listening to some commercial pop radio station. Some dude called in and was going on and on about how much he wanted to hear "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. It sounded like the caller was serious. The DJ agreed that the song was amazing. Yikes. (This wasn't a Maine show, btw. It's some nationally syndicated thing.) Transfixed, I was unable to change the station. The song is as terrible now as it was in 1990.

(Update: Aaron was on Average Joe, not Beauty and the Geek.)

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