Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Miscellaneous

Last week was insanely busy and also a little bit surreal. I had some very strange meetings, none of which are really bloggable. Wednesday was, predictably, particularly weird. The faculty search that I'm chairing is moving forward. Our last candidate will be on campus the next two days. Classes also march forward: gradient vectors in Calc III, estimating CDFs in statistics, and in chaos class we're actually going to get to chaos. There is also another burst of letters of recommendation to write, both for some students applying to grad school and others who are applying for various fellowships.

Yesterday, I played hockey on Somes Pond. The ice and the weather were almost perfect. There was a large COA crowd and the game was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, but entirely predictably, today I'm feeling very sore and my back is a little messed up.

I expect the upcoming week to be equally insane and busy. After our final candidate's visit the committee seeks feedback on Wednesday, and Wednesday late afternoon/night we'll meet to make our decision. I enjoying being on search committees, but it can be nerve-racking work.

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