Friday, February 01, 2008


I tried to go home around an hour ago, but the roads were terribly icy. Eagle lake road, the most direct way to my house, was completely closed. The police officer said that the road is a solid sheet of ice, and the sand and salt trucks can't even get on it. So I went back to campus. The roads were bad enough that rather than take an alternate route I thought it would be better to wait a bit.

So I returned to my office and thought I would try to do a few tasks. I started filling out a recommendation form for a student who is applying to a graduate school in Europe. I filled out the form, signed it, and then noticed that I was instructed to "authenticate the completed form with an Institution stamp." Arg. Is this really necessary? Does COA even have an official institution stamp? If there is such a stamp, it's in the registrar's office and not in my office. I hope I don't need to seal the envelope with wax or write with a quill pen.

Soon I will attempt again to go home. I hope I get farther this time.

Update: The roads were bad, but nowhere near as icy as before. I made it home and am safe and warm next to the woodstove. I am very glad it's the weekend.

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