Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Observations

Well, I'm back in Maine. My return flights were uneventful. The drive home from the Bangor airport, however, was a bit of an adventure. It was snowy and very windy and the roads were very bad. The drive took around two and a quarter hours; usually it is around an hour. It's great to be back home. I have another trip planned next weekend and early next week. Then I'm around until the end of the term.

In any event, some miscellaneous observations and thoughts:
  1. Sunday morning I got a cup of iced coffee at the Albuquerque airport. The person working at the coffee place put an insulating sleeve on it before handing it to me. I was too groggy to protest.

  2. At a Sbarro's in the Atlanta airport the person in front of me ordered spaghetti. The Sbarro's person then put his breadstick on top of the pasta. The guy was rather upset about this. But rather than just express his displeasure and ask for an untainted breadstick, he muttered loudly but unitelligably. The Sbarro's person tried to understand, but this just led to more muttering.

  3. The weather forecast for tomorrow is classic Maine: in the next 24 hours every possible variety of precipitation is predicted to fall in large quantities, driven by considerable wind. Fantastic. There could be seven inches of snow followed by three inches of rain. I think I will re-waterproof my boots tonight if I can find the energy.

  4. The Morning Glory Bakery is now open seven days a week until seven in the evening. This is an unspeakably wonderful development.

  5. Bob Dylan is playing on the radio. I'm not a huge Dylan fan. But somehow the song fits my mood perfectly right now.

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Tor Hershman said...

Albuquerque, that's strictly a 9 o'clock town.

Stay on groovin' safari,