Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Miscellany

I'm not sufficiently motivated to write actual paragraphs, so instead, some random comments:
  1. It is now the end of the 8th week of winter term. Just two more weeks to go. And the end is now is sight. There's a ton of stuff that I need to do in the next two weeks, but I'm starting to believe that maybe there's at least a chance that I can get it done.
  2. Winter term may be drawing to a close, but winter definitely isn't. The low was zero degrees last night. And we're supposed to get 5 to 11 inches of snow tomorrow, mixed in with a little rain just to keep things interesting.
  3. I seem to have spent more time than usual this week explaining to colleagues relatively simple mathematical things concerning student/faculty ratios and percents.
  4. Meetings on Wednesday were more silly than usual. But it's probably prudent to not blog about this. But it would be very funny...
  5. I made some simple yet satisfying pasta with beans and tomatoes and chard for dinner tonight. I also made a simple yet satifsying salad.
  6. Soon I will shut down my laptop, watch a few X-files episodes with Doreen, and then go to sleep. Another exciting night in Bar Harbor.


Andrew Campbell said...

I thought you were the Dean of Percents! (Or was that Helen?) Thanks for checking in on the blog while we were in Mongolia. Hope all that snow and nonsense didn't show up after all.

All best wishes

dave said...

Welcome home! I hope your trip was great. I enjoyed reading about it.

Helen was indeed the Dean of Percents. I was, among other things, the Dean of Pessimism, the Dean of Realism, the Dean of Darkness, and the Dean of Cold. In all cases I was balanced by Karen, Dean of Warmth, Dean of Light, etc. I was also Dean of Don't-F*ck-with-Me. Happily, however, I have now shed all of these titles.

Andrew Campbell said...

Dave: the sad news is that I think all of those titles were honorary and in perpetuity... like British citizenship, not something you can just shed. I am still the Dean of Cake, although I may soon be the Dean of Microbrews. In the absence of a permanent antidote in the form of Karen, I think the trick is merely to outnumber all the less fun titles with much more entertaining ones.

Keep on rocking.

dave said...

Once the Dean of Cake, always the Dean of Cake. If you are Dean of Microbrews, can I be Associate Dean? I'd also like to apply for a Deanship involving Vodka. I got some Zubrowka (Bison Grass) vodka when I was in Paris and it's fantastic.

Andrew Campbell said...

Consider it done! Now arise, Associate Dean of Microbrews and Boutique Vodkas. On that note, have you ever tried Cold River vodka? I first tasted it at Cleonice and have been looking for it since... it's made right there in Freeport. Tasty.


dave said...

I have indeed had Cold River Vodka before. They have it at the Hannafords in Ellsworth and Bar Harbor. It's very good. I think my favorite (after the Bison Grass stuff) right now is Belvedere. Cold River might be second or third. Grey Goose is also very good. Chopin was somewhat disappointing.

By the way, today at a meeting Helen proclaimed herself to be Dean of Fractions in addition to Dean of Percents.