Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blog Realizations

Having had a blog for all of a week now, I've realized two things:

My life is boring. I guess I always knew this before, but somehow it's really hitting home right now. For example, today I did a bunch of coding, worked on my overheads for my upcoming seminar, went to the grocery store, went for a slow 2.5 mile run, and dealt with lots of email. Scintillating. Perhaps the only thing less exciting than being me, is reading about being me. My wife tried to console me: You blog isn't boring, but your life is pretty boring. I think she meant it in a good way.

The other thing I realized is that some of the potentially interesting or amusing items from my life I can't really blog about since I'm not doing this anonymously. I spend a lot of time teaching and a lot of time in meetings and doing administration. Doesn't seem right to blog about most of this stuff, unless I can do so in pretty general terms. So this eliminates a lot of the day-to-day stuff that otherwise might be of interest. And hence I find myself writing about mailboxes and Calculus grading.

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