Friday, December 16, 2005

Various Weather-Related Observations

  1. The weather report for my zip code, courtesy of says a 100% chance of ice pellets tomorrow. Ouch. Ice pellets don't sound like fun. Looks like I'm staying inside.

  2. It's cold enough in my kitchen that the peanut oil has clouded up. Fortunately, the olive oil is still liquid. About once a year it gets cold enough for this to occur. Hasn't happened yet.

  3. Because it's been cold and dry, the skin on my heels is dry and cracking. And it hurts. Yes, I use lotion, and it makes things somewhat better but not completely better. I'm too young for this to be happening.

  4. The moonrise over the water as seen from campus today was absolutely amazing. And right now the moonshadows on the snow are very, very cool. I generally like living here, even if it's bad for my heels.

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