Saturday, December 03, 2005

Tidbits: Tires, Grades, Programming, Fog Tropes

  1. Finished Calculus III grading, assigned grades, and submitted them. The most satisfying part was distributing a stack of papers that was around six inches tall to student mailboxes. Although it's tedious, I like putting graded assignments in student's boxes; it gives me a satisfying sense of closure.

  2. I got snow tires late yesterday afternoon -- an errand I had been meaning to do for quite some time. Since I have a front-wheel drive corolla now instead of an all-wheel-drive subaru, I wanted the extra traction that a good pair of snow tires would give me.

  3. Did some programming last night. Cleaned up some existing code an implemented one small new function. Nothing too exciting, but nice to have made some progress.

  4. Listened last night to the CD "John Adams: American Elegies". It's a CD of John Adams conducting elegiac twentieth century classical music. Charles Ives' "Five Songs," Ingram Marshall's "Fog Tropes" and John Adams' "Eros Piano" are the selections I like the most. "Fog Tropes" is pretty amazing -- I always think of Ft. Bragg, California when I listen to it. An interesting discussion of the piece, along with an mp3, can be found here.

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