Friday, September 01, 2006

Doreen via podcast

Last month Doreen was interviewed by David Ballard on Gettin' Down to Busine$$, a relatively new podcast on The episode she was interviewed on is called "Organic Food vs. Factory Farms and GMO's." I think the podcast is dated July 27, 2006. If you can't get the podcast at the above links, here is a direct link to the mp3 file. The file is around 18 MB.

It's not the most scintillating interview/podcast I've ever heard. There were two guests, and the interviewer would pose general questions and it wasn't clear who he wanted to answer. Nevertheless, it's reasonably interesting.


shiva said...

welcome home dave, and thanks for the link to doreen's podcast. i look forward to listening.

your posts now have me feeling longing and reminsence for the feeling of going back to school in the beautiful maine autumn. in the last couple weeks the signs of season change have begun to appear here in Santa Barbara, though probably with a subtlety that would be lost on mainers native and adopted accustomed to the amazing foliage and frost.

did you take any pictures in beijing to post?

have a great weekend.

Dave said...

as you can probably tell from my recent posts, i like the back-to-school season. the weather is usually beautiful and it's fun to start classes again.

i did take a bunch of pictures in beijing, and i hope to start posting them soon. i think i need to finish the syllabuses for my two classes before i can justify messing around with pictures, though.

enjoy the podcast. the interview isn't great, however. the questions are awkward and the discussion wasn't well facilitated. the radio show that doreen was on that i posted a few months ago is much better, i think.