Saturday, September 30, 2006

Document Revision and My Soul

In my previous entry I made reference to having to review a document that had the potential to crush my soul. Alas, I regret to report that my soul has been crushed. It has now fallen to me to re-write the soul-crushing document. In the long run, this is probably a good thing, since I think I can turn it into a document that will not crush other people's souls. But in the short run, it's not so good, since I must continually read and think about soul-crushing administrivia.

How does one recover from reviewing a draft of a document that threatens to nullify all that is joyous and bright? I'm not sure. But I am developing some empirical evidence that beer and ice cream help, and that mediocre mashed potatoes and agenda-less meetings don't help. I've also found it quite therapeutic to listen to Goats CDs at almost painful volumes while driving to and from campus.

Back to Calculus grading. I'm almost done with my batch for the weekend. Then I get to devote my full attention to making the soul-crushing document safe for others to read.

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