Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Update

I have reached a point where the document is no longer crushing my soul. I've finally wrapped my head around it, and in so doing I think I've tamed it considerably. I've got a way to think about it that doesn't suck joy out of life or make flowers wilt. Now it's just a big task or chore. I can picture what it will be like when it's completed. So now I simply need to work hard and get it done. Not easy, but at least I no longer fear for my soul.

In other news, it is now October. The days are getting noticeably shorter and cooler. Today I wore shorts, but my optimism was unfounded. It was cold. The leaves are turning and the grass is still green, and the world is looking quite nice. It's been a beautiful fall.

I finished my calculus grading. It look quite a while. I suppose that's what I get for assigning so much homework. Another busy week awaits. And next weekend is the inauguration of our new college president. It should be both fun and a little surreal.

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