Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Mango Tree in Maine

Last weekend I was emptying the compost and, as is often the case, there were lots of things growing in the compost pile. There were many weeds sprouting and also a few potatoes. But then I noticed something unusual. Turns out that a mango seed had sprouted and had produced a shoot that was around a foot tall. I thought this was really cool. There have been many mango pits in the compost before, but none have ever sprouted.

So I dug up the mango plant and put it in a pot with a bunch of potting soil. It seems to have survived its transplanting just fine. Below is a picture of my little mango tree that I took this morning. Something ate part of one of its leaves, but other than that it looks very happy. Soon, however, I'll need to take the mango tree inside; tomorrow night it's supposed to get into the low 30's. I'll try to keep the mango tree alive indoors through the winter. I'm not great at keeping plants alive, so I'm not optimistic. But I figure it's worth a try.


In other news, we're done with our first official week of fall term. I think both of my classes are off to a good start, although it's far too early to tell. The week was surprisingly hectic, but basically positive. When I left my office on Friday my email queue was at 99, about the same as it was at the start of the week. Friday alone I dealt with around 125 incoming messages and sent almost 50 emails. Today was a day of exercise, doing stuff around the house, having a nice dinner with friends, and doing some reading. Tomorrow will need to be a more serious day of work.


terry said...

hey, prof. Dave, this is Terry, a student of CSSS 2006, do you still remember me? I find your blog just by accident. my advisor wanted me do a presentation of the summer school, so i wanted to find a CV of you before i introduce your lectures, and i find your blog address from your homepage. you must have went back to busy life of science and research, and i want to thank you again for your great help in Beijing this summer. i wish you could come back china next year and welcome you come to Xi'an, and if it's possible, please make sure that let me know. Best wishes,

Dave said...

Hi Terry. Thanks for the comment -- it's good to hear from you. I am indeed back to my busy life. These days it's mostly teaching and administration, but I still find some time for science and research.

I expect to be back in China next summer. Not sure if I'll make it to Xi'an, though. But if I do I'll definitely let you know.

How are you able to view my blog? When I was in Beijing this summer blogger was blocked. Has it been unblocked, or have you found a way around the "great wall"?

Hope your fall is going well.