Monday, January 08, 2007

Draft one of the deadly document

I have finally finished the first draft of the soul-crushing document. Forty-one single-spaced pages. Arg. Now I get to share it with colleagues who will tear it to shreds. But this is good -- it needs strenuous critique. And I almost always find that the first draft of a document is the most difficult for me to write. I don't mind editing and re-writing. In fact, I usually enjoy it.

I now get to turn my attention to another tedious, but hopefully not soul-crushing document: my self-evaluation for my five-year review. (This is roughly analogous to a post-tenure review. It's a big deal, but not really.) Writing this shouldn't be too bad, as I kinda enjoy making lists of all the stuff I've done, and I can use much of the material I've written in my yearly self-evaluations that I do because I have an administrative as well as faculty appointment.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward very much to having both of these large documents finalized. My self-evaluation will take only a week or so. The reaccreditation report will take a few more months of editing. But it will be done eventually.

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