Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three Dumb Things

Dumb thing #1: Several years ago we replaced our old electric hot water heater with an efficient on-demand propane water heater. The new heater is great. It works well and we've saved a lot of money on our electric bill. We're having some work done in our basement, and the carpenter noticed the other day that our old electric hot water heater was still hooked up and turning itself on and off periodically. Ooops. No need for it to be on, because it's not hooked up to anything. It's hard-wired, so there's nothing to unplug. So I turned off the circuit breaker, and now it's no longer eating power. How long had it been eating power? I'm not sure. A few weeks ago we blew a fuse in the bathroom when Doreen was plugging in her new electric toothbrush. I fiddled with the circuit breakers then and might have accidentally turned the hot water heater on. Or, it might have been on for years. I suspect the former. But either way I don't exactly feel like a genius.

Dumb thing #2: Driving home from school today I flipped from station to station and found myself listening briefly to the New York Knicks pregame show. They were interviewing some coach who was talking about the Phoenix Suns. He offered up this bit of wisdom: "They have put together a crew that fits like a close-knit puzzle." Ouch. My head hurts just thinking about what this might mean. Potentially three metaphors are mixed in one sentence: Fits like a glove, close-knit team, pieces to the puzzle. Ow.

Dumb thing #3: I briefly watched the NHL all-star game tonight. It was boring so I only watched five minutes or so. While watching I saw an advertisement for Quizno's subs. They were boasting about how good their subs are, and they said that if you're not satisfied they'll give you another sub for free. This seems like a really bad deal. If you don't like their sub they'll give you another one.

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Anonymous said...

Mind if I add a 4th dumb thing? Or is it aggravating thing...or maybe both. I travel a lot for work and by now am very nearly reconciled to the fact that most places have really crappy food. Still, I spend a bunch of time in each destination prowling through the phone book for the least offensive dining options (I have a dismal track record but it's not all bad because one of my favorite things is reading phone books). Anyway, last night I made my selection, found the place, ordered a tempeh reuben, got it back to my room and here's what it contained: tempeh (at least), not-really-melted american process cheese 'food,' raw red cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes. No dressing, no sauerkraut. Oh, and no rye. How dumb can you get, asks the hungry person craving a decent tempeh reuben?!